Black Practice Rope Dart red flag - Meteor Hammer

Black Practice Rope Dart red flag - Meteor Hammer

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Hand made Practice, beginner or performance Rope Dart - Meteor Hammer.
Designed to be eye catching and pleasing to your audience.
High quality materials to last a long time

This Black Flow rope dart is ready to ship within 1-3 days.

☻ The hand wrapped weight is 2.5" and 4.3oz (not including the rope leash)
considered to be ultra light, for easier learning, quicker movement and wont hurt as much when it hits you
while practicing.
☻ Colorful Red flag for an eye catching performance (singed edges to help prevent fraying)
☻ 10' Super soft rope. Easier on your hands when you slide the rope through them.
☻ Adjustable loop to secure to your wrist.

While using or practicing with a rope dart it is normal to get rope burns as you slide the rope through your hands. With continued use you will build up a tolerance.

This practice rope dart is not intended to be used as a weapon and should not be used as such. Please use caution when flowing with your dart as injury or damage could occur. Santana Hoops will not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by using this flow prop.