Levitation Wand (Leviwand)

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People will watch in amazement as your magic levitation wand dances around you all by itself! Or so it seems. 

Each wand uses 'invisible thread' and has been weighted in such a way to stay vertical whilst in motion. 

 If you're a fan of 'flow', poi and rhythm-orientated skill toys, you'll love playing and dance with a levi-wand

Red, blue, green, pink and silver
Short string with swivel
2.2 oz
26in long
Clear rubber/silicone end caps
Silicone/rubber finger loop


The leviwand (levitation wand, levitation stick, levistick, flow-wandTM) is inspired from a classic magic trick called the “Dancing Cane”. It is a cleverly balanced stick with a thin, invisible string somewhere in the middle that is also attached to the magician. The magician appears to control the cane with his mind, the cane seemingly floating in mid-air, while making it dance to music.  ~leviwand.com