Our Story

In April of 2012 my daughter Tana came over and insisted that we go to Home depot to buy supplies.
For what? A Hula Hoop of course! And while I thought it was silly at the time, I went along.

We made her a hoop and I of course had to have one as well, we also made a few for family and friends.
I instantly fell in love with this little plastic circle, but more so with the joy and happiness that it
brought to the people that stepped inside.

Tana then talked me into setting up an Etsy account, I had no idea that there was anyone out there that
actually wanted these circles of joy. After the first one sold, then the next and another, the feedback
started coming in, I was overwhelmed with how happy this was making people. I was hooked.

Santana hoops was born and I will never look back.

Be assured that when you recieve a hoop from Santana Hoops that is was made with love
and the intention of bringing you happiness.

Much Love

Santana Hoops