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Kali Spinner

Kali started her hoop journey March 9th 2014, Using friends hoops and hoops she had made herself from PEX tubing.
6 months later she bought her first real hoop, and first LED hoop from Santana hoops.


“When people ask me how hooping has affected my life.....I've literally lost my entire self 125lbs, I've built my confidence level higher than its ever been and I'm happy with who I am and the skin I'm in. The best part is is that it doesn't feel like a workout! It's just like dancing and laughing and playing,I think that's why it worked for me!”

~ Kali Spinner

Be sure to visit Kali's Facebook page She Has Some Amazing Videos and tutorials! Also, Please Subscribe to her Youtube channel and Follow her on Instagram kali.spinner Kali also "hoop fitness consultations"and lessons over Skype
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