ADD ON-- Adjustable Size hoop

  • $5.00

Only 2 left!

ADD ON ONLY! Adjustable Shrinking Hoop.

Adjustable size hoop! Add on for any hoop in my shop!

Add this listing to your cart along with the hoop you want in the large size
For example: If you order a 36" hoop I will make it have a section that you remove to make it a 32"

Perfect for a beginner or anyone who may want to size down without purchasing another hoop! Just remove the section to have a smaller faster hoop, Or leave it in for a slower flow.

When you add this to your hoop order in your cart I will make your hoop adjustable to 4" smaller.

Make sure you add 1 for each hoop that you want to be able to adjust.

Only 1 adjustment per hoop is allowed at this time.